“I’ve been seeing massage therapists for years now and while they were aware of certain knots around my neck area which is a little more complicated anatomically, they couldn’t really work on it fully. Benny on the other hand fully devoted good 30 minutes just on that area, and actually brought significant results in just one 1hr session. I’ve had ~30 massage therapists in different countries and he really is one of the best I had. “
— Sue L. 10/15
“Soothing Palm Bodyworks is one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I went in for therapeutic massage to help with discomfort while rehabbing disc herniations in my neck, and while the deep tissue massage isn’t the most relaxing, the results have left me feeling fantastic compared to how I was feeling. I would highly recommend Soothing Palm Bodyworks, Benny is very knowledgeable and also took the time to educate me on how he was providing the relief I was looking for!”
— Erin M. 10/15
I recommend Benny with 100% confidence to all of my friends and family. Thankful that I found him. He is well educated and understands how specific muscles can be associated with different injuries or areas of pain. He is gifted with the ability to explain what steps should be taken to heal injuries. I found Benny on Yelp about 4 months ago and went to see him. I have been doing the Structural Bodywork massage every 2-3 weeks and the difference is life changing. I have more movement in my low back and shoulder than I’ve had in over a decade. I’m able to workout again without having to overly protect my shoulder, and I can twist and turn without fear of my low back acting up. Even though I still drive and sit in the car frequently my sciatica nerve pain is almost completely eliminated as well. Benny gives you stretches and exercises to use to continue the healing process between appointments. Do what he says, he knows what he’s doing. He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh. Keep up the good work, Benny.
— Luke W. 12/15