SPB offers Structural Bodywork.  Each session has its specific purpose and as a client you may be redirected towards the service best for you.

Structural Bodywork is an intense and focused massage, designed to remove restrictions in the muscle, fascia and skin.  Oftentimes, this massage is intense, and painful, but has the ability to reduce if not remove chronic/active pain completely.  It is normal to feel sore for 1-2 days after Structural work.

Bodywork and Massage costs                                       


60 min = $100

90 min = $150



 Specials can be offered monthly.  Each "coupon" may be used by customers once.


Cancellation policy

SPB understands that life happens occasionally.  We require a minimum of 24 hour notice for cancellations, to avoid up to 100% of the massage cost in fees.  While we may make every effort to flex the available time and/or reschedule you, these options may not be available.   Please do consider sending someone in your place.



SPB does not provide refunds for services, packages, or gift certificates.  All sales are final.